Sep 16, 2009

quick update

First off, sorry for not posting a clip this week, we (Joel/David) are in the process of moving which has taken up a whole bunch of our time plus the usual touch up work we are doing on the project. We will try to get something to you this weekend.

Ok, as for the project is concerned we have decided to release the film on our upcoming website as a digital download (iphone/ipod compatible) with the purchase of the album (It will come with a download code) For you that are not capable of downloading the film we will work something out with you in order to get you a copy.

As for the release goes we are still working out through some issues that continue to arise. We are still targeting a mid October release for both the film and album.

I hope this comes as good news to you, I mean come on! It's almost there, October is not far away and you can buy it as an early Christmas present for all your friends and family! BOOM!


Joel and David

Sep 7, 2009

it's about time

Hello all, I apologize for being MIA for the past few weeks. We've been working very hard on finishing every little detail to the film and album. I know we have said many times that the project is done, or just about done, or almost there, etc. (Thanks Bill) and while all those times we thought it was done when we went back we realized that touch ups needed to be made, and they have. We screened the film to some friends last week and got some solid feedback from them and we will be having a couple more screenings as we approach our October release!

Release? Yes, we are doing everything in our power to self release the full project in October, I'm sorry we don't have a date yet but trust me, as soon as we do you will be the first to know.

As we said in previous blog posts, we want to do pre-orders for the special edition album/film set. Those will be taking place soon, we just have a few more details to work out. Otherwise we will just be releasing the album and if all goes according to plan the album will come with a code for a digital download of the film from our upcoming website.

Let us know your feedback on what you would prefer, both album/film hard copies? Or album hard copy/film digitally?

These are very exciting times for us, and we anticipate the day when all of you will be able to listen and see all of our hard work!

A new and final trailer will be up by the end of the week as well as another quick update on any new news from the week.

Thanks for the support,

The Silo Project

Aug 13, 2009

road trip

Hello all, I (Joel) am leaving Wisconsin for a few days to make a trip to the MO/KS area to visit with friends and family and to screen some pieces of the album and film.

I write to you now from our room/studio in the Stükenberg home, we have just completed the last recordings of the voice overs! I will be placing the final audio bits this week and when I return we will be taking pre-orders and giving you some more in depth information on the future of the project.

This weeks video is an excerpt from the film featuring our cellist player Thea Vorass.

Excerpt from The Silo Project "Thea Vorass/Chello Scene" from Joel Hager on Vimeo.


Aug 2, 2009

roll credits..

Today is the day I place the final credits in the film (Essentially done) What does that mean? When can you see the film? Whats next for us is to finish mastering the album, then we'll produce the 'Limited Edition' copies (We'll begin pre-orders next weekend)

After both are done and we finally stop touching them up we'll be either releasing the project ourselves or we'll set the project free and sign a distribution deal. We have a number of meetings coming in the next few weeks to decide the best plan. A lot depends on sales of the first batch of the 'Limited Edition' copies.

I'll also be submitting the film to many different film festivals both in the U.S. and globally in hopes of spreading the word as much as possible.

As I mentioned in previous weeks we will be setting up a sort of DIY street team. Our poster contest winner Rich will be designing a new poster with us and once that is complete we'll be making prints and will be able to send them out to you to place all over your city/town/record store/coffee shop/etc. Stickers and other materials will also be coming soon.

I could tell you a lot more about new projects and plans coming up with Stükenberg but we have to keep you coming back!

This weeks video is David explaining a song from the album "Concussions in Heaven"

Deleted Scene from The Silo Project: David explains "Concussions in Heaven" from Joel Hager on Vimeo.



Jul 21, 2009

Almost there..

I write to you all today to share some great news.. The project is all but done! We are working this week and next to finish the final touch ups on the titles (text, credits, etc.) and audio mastering (album & film)

We are currently searching for a venue in Milwaukee and Madison, WI to premier the film (if you know of any please let us know!) We're also preparing to send out press packs in hope of landing a distribution deal so we can release the album/film ASAP!

We'll have a limited number on copies available shortly and we'll begin taking pre-orders in the next few weeks. Stay updated (blog, twitter, facebook) in order to sign up. Were only planning on selling 150 'Limited Edition' copies until a distribution deal is set.

We also have a fun little clip for you today featuring David and brother Josiah having a little jam at the end of a rough day of shooting.


Deleted Scene from The Silo Project "David & Josiah Fun" from Joel Hager on Vimeo



Jul 15, 2009

And so it continues..

First off I apologize for not posting a clip this week, I'll make sure to have one (Or two) next week. David and I have been working non stop since last weekend to finish up this project.

To update you further I'll explain where we are at.

The film has been touched up again and again and currently we have a picture lock, that means none of the visuals from the camera will change, everything is set in it's place. What needs to be done now is finish up our titles (Credits, text, subtitles, etc) in order to make this the best it can be we are making sure everything is perfect, from the placement choices and size to color and shadowing, all in all a tedious and time consuming project. We are also finishing up and recording voice overs, while most of them are already done we are going through to make sure they are perfect and explain our story so all of you can understand it and enjoy it without being confused or lost.

The album is also getting some touch ups and I can tell you I am excited each time I hear a new mix.

Hopefully this update is sufficient and answers some questions you may have. Please feel free to ask us anything about the project either here or through our Twitter or Facebook page.

We are still gathering materials (Shirts, Stickers, Fliers, etc.) so we can start a street team and get you all involved in the fun.

I'll be putting up another update later in the week addressing the poster contest and results/news that goes along with it.

Thanks for the support,